Aerospace Standard Certification Process

The steps to achieving certification to the aerospace standards are relatively the same as that for ISO 9001. The process is described below:

The client determines which standard is appropriate to their organization. (If you are unsure of which standard applies to your organization, please contact our office and we'd be happy to help you make that determination.)

A client requests and completes an application via web, phone, or email to receive a no-cost, no-obligation quote from PRI Registrar.

After reviewing the quote with one of our sales staff, the client accepts and signs the quotation and returns it to the PRI Registrar office. (Contracts are typically accepted for a three year term.)

An auditor will then be assigned, taking into consideration factors such as location, scope, and experience of client.

The auditor will then contact the client to schedule the initial assessment audit.

Thirty days prior to the audit, the auditor will forward a copy of the audit plan to the client.

Two weeks prior to the audit, a member of the PRI Registrar staff will forward appropriate documentation to the client to print and make available to the auditor.

The audit is held in accordance to the audit plan.

Upon completion of the audit, the auditor generates an audit report identifying any non-conformances (NCR) to the standard.

The report and NCRs are entered into the PRI Registrar's online EQM system.

The client works with the auditor to resolve any NCRs using the online EQM system.

The audit documentation is then reviewed by an expert for approval. (Assessments and Re-assessments only.)

Once the reviewer approves the closure of NCRs, the certificate of registration is issued and sent to the client.

The auditor works with the client to set up subsequent surveillance audits to assure adherence to the standard.

For more information about the aerospace standard certification process, call us at 724-772-1616 or contact us online.

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