American Metal Treating, Inc.

ISO 9001 Certified
Client of PRI Registrar for 10+ years

“Hi I’m Jeff Medlin. I’m the Quality Manager at American Metal Treatment in High Point, NC . We chose PRI Registrar as our ISO company approximately eight years ago and we researched a lot of different companies. We chose PRI for one basic reason; we feel like with PRI once the audit is over with and everything is done, we have indeed earned our certificate, it wasn’t given to us and no one bought it. There are a lot of companies, a lot of registrars that we feel like once they leave the certificate wasn’t earned. But with PRI I can promise you it will be earned and you will get more out of it. They are a great company to workwith, their auditors are very professional and we hope to stay with them for a long time.”

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