Wheeler Bros.,Inc.

ISO 9001 Certified
Client of PRI Registrar for 10+ years

“Hi this is Rick Stegman, I’m the Quality System Manager at Wheeler Bros., Inc. in Somerset, PA.We use PRI Registrar; we selected PRI Registrar because we are a small family owned company and we felt PRI Registrar was a good fit for us. They made us sure, they made sure, we fulfill all the requirements of the standard and they hold us accountable to top performance. With PRI Registrar we will feel like we earned certification, nothing was given to us, because we fulfilled each and every requirement. Pete Kucan, our auditor, is very personable and he puts the folks at ease. I feel very comfortable talking to Pete. Back at the office, Lori Paladino, she’s our client manager; she’s very personable and offers excellence customer service.”

Company Web site: http://www.teamwbi.com