Centro De Ingenieria Y Desarrollo Industrial

ISO 9001 & AS9100 Certified
Client of PRI Registrar since 2011

“After working more than four years with the PRI; we can see our work at a higher level than other certified companies; working with the PRI has made us grow as a company.”

Why did you choose PRI Registrar?

“The PRI was chosen as certification body by the organizers of a program of government support for companies to seek certification to be providers of aeronautical sector.”

What was your experience like with PRI Registrar?

“Work with findings is not something nice, but the PRI registrar page is very friendly in that sense; we did not have problems to send all the required information.”

Where there any pleasant surprises or something that stood out during your interaction with PRI Registrar?

“Some days ago, PRI communicated us that there were non-conformities in its process, and it will be necessary to do some adjustments that would not affect us, was somewhat surprising, many organizations do not disclose this type of information. It’s nice to have good communication.”

Estela Gonzalez Caballero, Quality Coordinator, egonzalez@cidesi.mx