Carolina Precision Machining

ISO 9001 & AS9100 Certified
Client of PRI Registrar since 2012

“Our company is very satisfied with our selection of PRI. We wanted a registrar that has an excellent reputation. PRI is known for being strict in the interpretation of the AS9100 Standard. We learn from each audit and apply these lessons toward improving our QMS.

We developed our QMS from scratch. We began with just a purchase order form and an invoice form. We chose NC State to train our employees as an introduction to ISO 9000 & AS9100C and also train internal auditors. We were fortunate to be selected for a grant that basically paid NC State for this service.”

Why did you choose PRI Registrar?

“We chose PRI because of their excellent reputation throughout the industry. We wanted our certification to be meaningful and respected by present and future customers.”

What was your experience like with PRI Registrar?

“PRI has been very thorough in each and every audit. We have not questioned one single finding or NCR written. Each NCR was explained in detail. Our goal has been to use each finding as a learning tool. It is working well for us.”

Where there any pleasant surprises or something that stood out during your interaction with PRI Registrar?

“I think the most pleasant surprise is PRI’s EQM system. It is simple to use for resolving NCRs found during the course of an audit. It provides a direct link to the auditor and probably creates a transparent audit history for oversight review.”

Glen Baysinger, Quality Assurance Manager,