ISO 9001 & AS9100 Certified
Client of PRI Registrar since 2009

“We like the external point of view to our QA system. Their findings and comments had always been based on good practice. So we are happy to implement them. Over years few, we can see and measure an improvement in our system.”

Why did you choose PRI Registrar?

“Years ago, PRI was chosen because of a better price.”

What was your experience like with PRI Registrar?

“No issues, PRI staff was always helpful.”

Where there any pleasant surprises or something that stood out during your interaction with PRI Registrar?

“It is more the overall, when we have questions, they respond on the same day. If we need help they do what they can. It’s like playing in a good team.”

Arno Toelkes, Senior Manager Quality Assurance,