Just in Time CNC Machining

ISO 9001 & AS9100 Certified
Client of PRI Registrar since 2013

“I have been extremely happy with the whole organization. Have never dealt with a group of such personable people that made things much more pleasant than expected. I would highly recommend PRI to anyone that I hear of that is looking for any service they may offer. I am very happy with PRI as a whole. I have mentioned the company to many of my friends who are consultants so that in the future should they need a registrar they know that this company is in my opinion the best I have dealt with.”

Why did you choose PRI Registrar?

“I chose PRI because while I was looking for a suitable registrar they stood out as specializing in smaller companies. We were on a time limit with one of our largest customers to be certified to AS9100. In putting feelers out to a few registrars PRI responded within minutes by phone to answer all of my questions and they got me scheduled in to meet the deadline set by our customer.”

What was your experience like with PRI Registrar?

“The entire staff were amazing to deal with. All of them were very friendly and helpful every step of the way. I always received immediate responses to every question.”

Where there any pleasant surprises or something that stood out during your interaction with PRI Registrar?

“I think what stood out most for me was how at ease the Auditor made me feel during the audit process. I had never written a system for AS9100 before so I was extremely nervous, but she had me totally relaxed within minutes.”

Dave FitzSimmons, Quality Management Systems Coordinator, qualitycontrol@jitmachine.com