K & S Enterprises Success Story

ISO 9001 & AS9100 Certified

Client of PRI Regsitrar since 2008

"We are blessed to have a registrar that helps its customers achieve what they are trying to achieve."

Why did you choose PRI Registrar?

"We chose PRI Registrar because of their knowledge in the field of Aerospace, their commitment to their customers and their willingness to audit each facility with the upmost respect and courteous tips for making a successful company even better."

What was your experience like with PRI Registrar?

"At first we were a little concerned maybe a little intimidated by what we learned we were lacking for a successful audit. After our meeting, my colleagues and I, were off on a mission that has taken us to that next level. And even after our 8 year relationship we still maintain excellence in the aerospace industry."

Where there any pleasant surprises or something that stood out during your interaction with PRI Registrar?

"The knowledge of the auditor was truly enlightening and very informative on proper procedures and process requirements that are expected to be adhered to, to be an AS9100 Certified company. After our initial audit, the waters calmed down a bit and my work flow was generated for the next audit."

"Thank you PRI for making industry standards easy to understand and for your experienced auditors who take the time to make sure you understand, excel and succeed."

Carl Kessler, Quality Manager, ckessler@ksentusa.com