SAE Affiliation

SAE Affiliation & Relationship

front_of_sae_smlThe Performance Review Institute (PRI) was created in 1990 by SAE International to serve the mobility industry.

Originally named the “Society for Automobile Engineers”, SAE International was established in 1905 in New York City to address the issues of transportation as they related to the up-and-coming automobile industry. Andrew Riker served as its first president along with a talented engineer named Henry Ford who served as vice president. SAE’s initial membership totaled 30 engineers. In the first 10 years, membership grew to 1,800. In 1916, an SAE member named Elmer Sperry created the term automotive, from the Greek word auto (self) and the Latin word motive (of motion) to represent any form of self powered vehicle. Hence, SAE became the “Society of Automotive Engineers”.

Over the years, SAE International has grown to over 30,000 members and has been instrumental in the development of standards for the mobility industry as well as the development and sharing of information in the industries it serves.

In 1973, SAE moved its headquarters to Warrendale, Pennsylvania due to the need for space because of its growth and expanding staff. Due to its available land and capable workforce, western Pennsylvania provided the stability SAE International sought.

As part of the expansion and growth of the mobility industry, SAE International created PRI which is made up of two distinct components, PRI Registrar and Nadcap.

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