Auditing Careers

Auditing Careers

PRI Registrar is seeking passionate and experienced independent contractors as Auditors for quality, aerospace, environmental, health & safety, and cybersecurity. If you enjoy a flexible schedule and have a commitment to customer service, apply now to join our team!

In order to audit for an accredited certification program, auditors must meet certain basic competency requirements above and beyond having completed a lead auditor course. One way of quickly and efficiently demonstrating that you have met these competency requirements is through authentication by a recognized Auditor Authentication Body (AAB).

Authentication involves the submittal of evidence to the AAB of your training, work experience, audit experience, etc. This is a paid service, and will result in a certificate or auditor card indicating an auditor grade based on your level of experience, and can provide immediate confidence for a Certification Body of your credentials and ability to meet requirements.

PRI Registrar requires authentication for Aerospace, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 / OHSAS 18001.

PRI Registrar does not require authentication for ISO 27001 / ISO 27701, but preference will be shown to auditors who have been authenticated.

The AABs that we recognize are:

Probitas: AS9100 / AS9110 / AS9120, ISO 9001 (NOTE: ISO 9001 authentication available under "AQMS Auditor Application")

Certus: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001

Note: Auditors currently authenticated by Exemplar Global can have their current credentials transferred to Certus for the remainder of their current cycle at no cost.

Benefits for Auditors:

PRI Registrar auditors are eligible for a 10% discount for all CPD training courses from PRI Triaining read more.

Application Process:

Please have the following items available for upload:

  • Resume
  • Auditor Authentication Certificate or Card
  • Audit Log

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Upon submission of your completed application to PRI Registrar, your records will be reviewed by our technical personnel. If you have any questions, please contacts us at