Management System Frequently Asked Questions

FAQsWhat is the minimum time my quality management system must be in place before I can be audited to a quality standard?

PRI Registrar recommends that your management system, along with your management manual, management review, and internal audits are in place for six months prior to being assessed to a quality standard. Please note that this is a PRI Registrar recommendation, other registrars may use different criteria. There are certain circumstances where the amount of time can be more or less. You also have the option of performing a pre-assessment audit 3-4 months after your management system is in place to determine readiness.

How long does my certification last?

PRI Registrar typically issues certification for a three year cycle. However, surveillance audits must be performed at least once a year after your certificate has been issued to ensure that you have maintained compliance to the appropriate standard.

Are registration audits pass/fail?

When you are being assessed to one of the quality/environmental standards, your audit is not simply pass/fail. Any non-conformances to the standard will be identified by your auditor and you will be given the opportunity to address and correct them. Please note that you will need to become compliant and correct those non-conformances before you will be issued a certificate of registration.

What is OASIS and why do I have to pay an OASIS fee?

The OASIS database is a product of the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG). OASIS houses supplier and audit assessment data for all companies who hold an accredited certification in any of the AQMS series of Standards (i.e. – AS9100, AS9110 and AS9120). Publication in the OASIS database is a requirement of the aerospace standards. As a certified aerospace supplier, you are charged an initial $500 fee to be registered in OASIS. This registration typically runs for three years. Subsequently, you are charged $500 to maintain your certification at your re-assessment. PRI Registrar charges the appropriate amount as a pass-through cost to you. In other words, we are billed by OASIS and we pass that charge on to you without any type of mark-up.