Marks and Logos

Use of Marks and Logos

The Certificate of Registration and the Registration Mark are the property of PRI Registrar. Each accreditation logo is the property of the applicable National Accreditation Body. Permission to use the Mark and accreditation logo(s) is granted upon request to the Client only during the registration period. To recieve one of our media kits, please contact April Kelley at 724-772-8691 or

General Rules

  1. Accredited bodies may use the applicable accreditation mark in combination with the certification mark on letters and other documents provided that the documents refer to activities accredited by the ANAB.
  2. The accreditation mark shall not appear more conspicuous than the certification mark.
  3. The accreditation mark or certificate mark cannot be affixed to products or their packages or related products, nor in any way that could be misinterpreted as indicating product conformity. Marks cannot be applied to laboratory test, calibration or inspection reports or certificates.
  4. Product packaging and accompanying information may contain a statement indicating that the organization has a certified management system. The statement must in no way imply that the product, process or service is certified by this means. The statement must include reference to:


    • Identification of the certified organization;
    • The type of management system (e.g., quality) and the applicable standard;
    • The certification body issuing the certificate.
    • NOTE: Product packaging is considered as that which can be removed without the product disintegrating or being damaged. Accompanying information is considered as separately available or easily detachable. Type labels or identification plates are considered as part of the product.
  5. Upon termination of accreditation the body shall immediately stop publishing and distributing documents bearing the accreditation mark. Accreditation shall no longer be stated or suggested in any way.
  6. Whenever a subsidiary belonging to a group of organizations has been accredited, only the parts of the group that are specified in the accreditation documents shall use the accreditation mark

Regulations for use of PRI Registrar Logo/Marks

  1. The PRI Registrar mark shall be reproduced only in black, red (Pantone 188) and blue (Pantone 072) ink, and must be legible size (greater than 5 mm).
  2. The current version of the standard MUST be represented as follows:
  3. During an audit, the Lead Auditor is expected to review the client’s representation of the logos of ANAB and PRI Registrar and the representation of the standards ISO 9001, AS9100, AS9110, AS9120, and ISO 14001. Improper or misleading references to the program, the certificate, or the Mark that are found on advertisements, brochures, websites or other publications will be subject to corrective actions that could include legal action, publication of the violation via the Directory of Registered Suppliers/Organizations, and suspension or revocation of registration which was the basis for use of the Mark.
  4. A nonconformance can be issued if the obsolete version of a standard is being used or if used in a misleading way.  (For Example: Logo Use on Certificate of Compliance)

Logo(s) of the National Accrediting Body(ies) may be used by registered Clients in accordance with the rules governing use published by the applicable National Accrediting Body(ies).  For more information on the rules governing use of Logos and Marks by National Accrediting Bodies, please refer to ANAB's website.