Customer Spotlight – DRS Global Enterprise Solutions, Aviation Division


When C-130 aircraft, the workhorse of the nation’s military, require modifications, repairs and overhauls, DRS Global Enterprise Solutions, Aviation Division is often tasked with the job. Currently contracted to maintain the U.S. Coast Guard’s fixed-wing aircraft, DRS’ Elizabeth City, North Carolina site must meet the stringent requirements of a certifying body to ensure superior craftsmanship, service and support.

As the perception of certification quality provided by its former ISO certifying body became watered down, DRS knew it was time to seek out a registrar whose reputation for excellence would match its own tough internal standards.



Obtaining an ISO certification from a well-respected company like PRI Registrar is a discriminator that lets clients know that they can count on DRS to perform maintenance on aircraft that transports men and women who proudly serve their country. So, the company contracted PRI Registrar to obtain its ISO 9001 and AS9110 certifications.



“Among other things, there were translation and confusion issues with our previous registrar between shelf life and service life,” said DRS Quality Manager Mark Graham. “Not only do these aircraft transport America’s service men and women, they fly over our workers houses. We looked at other firms, and then one of our sister companies told us about their satisfaction with PRI Registrar.”


Graham explained that DRS has internal quality procedures and a strong reporting system that documents key performance indicators on aircraft between servicing. This streamlines the maintenance and refit process because DRS does not have to wait for the aircraft to be delivered before it can begin to develop a plan of action.


Most of PRI Registrar’s auditors come from the aerospace industry. This makes them knowledgeable and enables them to easily communicate their expectations.


DRS Quality Engineer Kirbie Rovolis has been an internal auditor and she is well aware of what is required to obtain ISO 9001 and AS0110 certifications. “We did a thorough job of documentation and we were prepared for what PRI Registrar expected,” she said. “Our customers benefit from us obtaining these certifications because it proves that their aircraft are serviced by people who strive for safety and quality. They are reassured that they have chosen a great service provider.”



Certifications: ISO 9001:2008 and AS9110

Location: Elizabeth City, NC USA

Scope of DRS certification:

  • Integrated Assistance for Logistics Services, Technical Knowledge and Other Support Services as Deemed by Client Contract, MRO, Support Processes, Proposal Processes, Product Realization Process (MRO activities, Management Activities, Resource Management, Training, Contracts), Purchasing Process (Receiving), Customer Complaint Process (CA/PA, Internal Audits, Customer Feedback)



“Selecting a registrar is as important as picking someone to build your house,” Graham said. “When I’m asked if I would recommend PRI Registrar to other companies, I don’t say why, I say why not. When you’re required to live up to aerospace industry standards, you’re proud to display your certificates on the wall. The standard carries itself, but the reputation of the certifying body cements it in quality.