2013 My Head is in the Cloud

It began innocently enough. Sitting there across the desk from an eight month new engineering employee at one of our favorite clients, I asked the open ended question about what he liked about his work. He explained, with ample youthful enthusiasm (which I have observed more often than not these days is usually attached to some form of, at least to me, new technology) that he appreciated the opportunity to continue his work during the home hours via saving his work on his office computer to a downloaded Microsoft product called Dropbox. This made it easy to access his newly altered work at home on his computer via the same software. Technical neophyte that I am, and driven by Control (and, oh by the way, Protection) of Records paragraph 4.2.4, I naively asked “…and where does Dropbox store these things?” Smiling confidently, he replied “The Cloud, of course!” The Cloud of course?!?! And who controls The Cloud? Who backs up The Cloud? Who protects The Cloud? My brain was racing.

Call the IT guy! I have a question or two for him. So Mr. IT, what can you tell me about employees possibly vaporizing company files into The Cloud? As near as I could tell, Mr. IT’s reaction was a close facsimile to Anaphylaxis Shock. The Cloud!? No IT guru worth his salt would permit such a blasphemy! “But nay” he affirmed. “This would put our files at risk and it would be against IT policy!” (I did not have the heart to tell him that in order to accomplish this, the kid had downloaded Dropbox to the company computer, the highest anathema to the Rule of IT Order.) This, then, started a lively discussion concerning eager and resourceful, technologically talented employees and the onboarding process of the same that should teach them the dangers of such record or data storage, record control, protection and the potential opportunity of an ITAR violation, and even the possibility to incorporate of such tools to the Rule of IT Order. Nevertheless, this might surely be a topic of food for thought and investigation by you, dear reader, lest the Pesky Auditor uncover your horizon fraught with cumulonimbus storms brewing undetected by your IT Weatherman.