AS9100C – Final Preparations – The Final Installment in a Six Part Series

Well, the internal audits are done and the non-conformances have been completed and verified for effectiveness.

Top Management, always a tender spot. You are the doer but THEY get face time with the PRI Registrar auditor. Usually the auditor is pretty clinical. You know – AS9100 paragraph 5.6, check, check, check. But now things are different. Better check AS9101D again.

Oh brother! Paragraph tells the auditors that there should be an interview with “Top Management” to evaluate the:

  • establishment and continued RELEVANCE of the quality policy and objectives
  • establishment of PERFORMANCE MEASURES ALIGNED to quality objectives
  • top management COMMITMENT
  • quality management system PERFORMANCE and EFFECTIVENESS
  • performance to CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS (e.g., supplier rating, scorecard, audit results)
  • and ACTIONS TAKEN to address issues that are not meeting customer performance expectations”.

Better talk to Top Management to decide what modifications will be necessary to the Management Review so you have clear evidence satisfying all this. But wait! There’s a lot more in Paragraph and too!

Better be sure to bring along AS9101D to show Top Management what all is involved. And better have that revised Management Review Meeting done before the upgrade audit! July 1st is going to be here before you know it! Who knew?