Delusions of readiness

So you think your registrar Aerospace auditor is tough, put on your seatbelt and raise your tray tables because there is turbulence ahead! It appears that the ultimate customers in the Aero ranks have made it clear that they have not been a happy lot with regard to the oversight of auditor performance in the past. Perhaps your regular auditor has previously seen a singular finding and, to your relief, looked away not writing you up? A-HAH! You have been an unknowing victim of what the industry is now calling “soft grading”. How did it feel? Pretty good, huh? Well kiss those days good bye as all Aerospace auditors have been instructed to soft grade nevermore. And don’t be surprised if this mentality flows into other non-Aero standards as well. Let’s face it statistically. If in the small sample that your auditor selects to verify your compliance on an issue s/he finds an error, then, statistically speaking, there are more where that one came from! By not writing it up, there just may be a chance that you might be busy enough not to get back to fixing the problem, or see if it is a more systemic a problem. So, if you get that singular finding, fret not! Just be sure to look around for more like it and perhaps save yourself some trouble in the future.