Excuse me, Mr. Whipple?

I have sat silent long enough. I have seen this behavior manifested in enough organizations that it is either chronic or a conspiracy. Are you a member of an organization that is registered to one of the derivatives of the ISO 9001 standard? Are you a member of the quality organization? Worse yet, are you the quality leader……or might I further risk…… Management Representative? Then I bet you may be anxious to join my newest commiseration therapy group. I call it The Rolls of Charmin. You know, the soft, fluffy, two ply stuff? Well, if I have seen it once, I have seen it a thousand times. Organizations, and most likely their Top Management as well, seem to be of the notion that if it has to do with ISO, customer complaints, corrective actions, preventive actions, internal audits, management reviews, goals and objectives, nonconforming product or, yes, competency too, then it MUST belong to the Quality Department! To them I say, buy a paper and come to town! This must be corrected, but I don’t see the “Rolls” having the power to do it. So, after much soul searching, I offer every Management Representative a solution. When your pesky auditor visits, get her aside and tell her it is your expectation that she will drive home, at every opportunity, the correct notion that the quality department is to FACILITATE the ISO process and its parts, and not be the chief cook and bottle washer. Tell the leaders, tell the workers, tell Top Management! But set it as the expectation of the auditor….for continued registration! If your auditor can’t deliver this in a convincing way, then either get another one, or renew your membership in the Rolls of Charmin, because you have earned it.