In Humor Ye Shall Flourish

Registrar clients come in all shapes, sizes and temperaments. Some are nervous. Some are worn out. And then, you come upon one who doesn’t mind findings. They actually look upon them truly as ways to improve their work lives. Well, I have such a customer.Not only do they have a great cooperative spirit, and top management is very engaged and supportive, they have a stealth editorial cartoonist on their staff. No, that is not their real job. They just have a real knack for capturing the moment in a glance, with a good dose of wicked humor. Take the time that I had a generous amount of findings in the calibration area. The next day, I receive an email with the editorial cartoon attached. Here is a boat that is half submerged like the Titanic, mid-sink. A huge cannon ball hole is visible on the bow as the ship takes on water. Somehow the cartoonist obtained a smiling photograph of me and gingerly placed my head on a comic pirate figure – skull and crossbones across my chest and sword in hand. A tattoo of an anchor rests on my sword arm. (Doesn’t every auditor appreciate attention to detail?) At the elevated end of the S.S. Calibration are head shots of the management rep and two cal lab co-conspirators, grasping the railing feverishly as drops of sweat form halos around their heads. Oh yeah, the sail has been ripped to the rings and seagulls fly in the distance. What a compliment to be so famously captured in artwork! Just goes to show you that you can survive and ISO audit, deal with your findings, enjoy the experience and look forward to the editorial comment. Wonder what a monitoring and measurement finding would look like ?

ss calibration