Introducing RMS!

As a result of your feedback and our focus on continual improvement of our service, PRI Registrar is happy to announce we are launching a new software tool the week of November 14th to replace EQM!  The new system is called Registrar Management System (RMS) and it will greatly improve communications between PRI Registrar staff, auditors and clients. 

It was designed to improve PRI Registrar’s service delivery across all aspects of the certification process.  Some of the features and benefits include:

  • A Task Dashboard for clients and PRI Registrar staff to track actions related to scheduling, planning conducting the audit, report and NCR closure.  This dashboard is complemented by email notifications when action is needed. 
  • A Scheduling module to schedule audits well in advance to ensure the target dates are met and best available resources are confirmed.  Note: PRI Registrar will have a dedicated Scheduler to proactively schedule your audits with you to ensure timely planning and communications.
  • Easier navigation for users to locate key information about your certification process and actions.

PRI Registrar will maintain EQM until the end of December as we transition to RMS. For those clients with audits in process, we will finish your audits in EQM. If any remaining actions are needed beyond December, we will guide you through the audit completion as we transition to RMS. All audits taking place after December 15th will be run though RMS.  PRI Registrar will arrange several training sessions over the next month to demo RMS and have developed a Client User Guide as a reference as needed.  There will also be a help desk available to answer any questions.  We know you will like RMS and will immediately see the service improvement!

For our AS9100, AS9110, and AS9120 clients, we will be using RMS for our operations too, but are currently determining what the Next Generation OASIS will require of PRI Registrar (Certification Bodies) and our clients (Suppliers) related to Audit Planning, Audit Reporting and NCR closure.  We will provide more information as it become clear.  We have developed some FAQ's for you to referece as you being using RMS.

Next steps:

  • An email notification will be sent next week with your user id and instructions to generate the password when ready to launch RMS.
  • The EQM log in button on the PRI Registrar website will be replaced with a RMS button to login with your new user ID and password. 
  • Look for training session information and join the one that meets your schedule (details to be sent when launch is ready).
  • Sign in and review your company details, standards, and audit dates or target dates.  If anything looks incorrect, please let us know.
  • Check your dashboard for any tasks assigned.