Lest You Feel Neglected

Believe it or not, and to our own personal surprise and delight, our blogs are read by an incredible number of people and sometimes even generate commentary. This was true of our recent blog titled “Delusions of Readiness” wherein we discuss the Aero Industry’s dismay over “soft grading” of nonconformances.

The particular comment that caused us pause was from the representative coach, chief cook and bottle washer for an ISO 9001 registered client who has a rather vigorous management system. “So why is it that you write that the Aero Industry alone is concerned with soft grading? Shouldn’t the entire registered community be held to the same expectations?”

Well, of course. And I actually DID write in the blog not to “be surprised if this mentality flows into other non-Aero standards as well,” but I understand and, frankly, applaud the question. I suppose the implication is based on the Aero Industry vocally and visibly raising the sector-specific bar of expectation while, by comparison, ISO 9001 tends to cover such a large base of industries that a similar sector-specific voice would be difficult to find.

So, I recommend that rather than wait for there to be an outcry of similar vision from the customers of ISO 9001 registrants, that raising of the bar in the ISO 9001 world has to start at home. You, dear reader, have the power to set expectations for your particular registrar and auditor. If your audit is the victim of a soft grading auditor (even though no one would argue the exhilaratingly short term rush in response to formal corrective action avoidance), you must seize your right and raise complaint to your registrar. (I know: you think I have just lost touch with my senses, but you ARE the customer and you ARE paying for the audit service that should provide beneficial outcomes.) So, in closing and in response to the bottle washer, Gandhi said it best: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” or at least, the change you want to see in your audits.