Modern Audit Linguistics

So have you been wondering where the English language is headed? I am speaking about the new phraseology being used by all those who are too cool for their own mittens. I mean, oh, like, “my bad”. Exactly what does that mean, from where did it come and who in blazes let it in? But I am hearing it more and more and, call me a senior citizen wannabe, I am doing my best not to succumb to its usage. I give credit for the first time I heard it to the youthful attendant at my local wireless phone provider, where in order to be an employee I think essential competencies include multiple piercings and certainly a tattoo or two. So when she erred and said “oh, my bad”, I just had to ask her what that meant. She giggled in reply not having a clue what she had said, as she returned to clicking incessantly on the keyboard of my phone. You can only imagine my horror to have the sacred inner sanctum of the audit closing meeting violated by such modernity when my greater than sixty year old, and highly educated I might add, audit team mate apologized for a miswritten nonconformance with “oh, my bad”. Really? Simply what is this world coming to? Just wait until someone tries passing “my bad” off as their root cause!