Aerospace Standards

Aerospace Standards AS9100 – AS9110 – AS9120

AS9100-AircraftThe Aerospace Standards are a series of quality standards based on ISO 9001 and developed by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) to provide international consistency and address the specific regulatory, safety and reliability requirements demanded by the aerospace sector.

While many aerospace standards exist in business, each standard serves its own purpose and is essentially aimed at maintaining the reliability and quality of products and services that surround the world of aerospace.

Conformance to aerospace standards is required for an organization to conduct business within the aerospace industry. The requirements of the aerospace standards include a working Quality Management System (QMS) with emphasis on continual improvement and periodic audits. The basic idea behind the Quality Management System is that processes performed within an organization should be documented and that those processes should be followed as such. In short, document your process and follow the process.

PRI Registrar offers certification to 3 aerospace standards: AS9100AS9110, and AS9120.

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