Aerospace Standard Benefits

Since the inception of the aerospace standards program, the manufacturing community has experienced many benefits, while enhancing the mission of safety and air-worthiness.

Benefits to seek:

  • Aerospace standards require the documentation of procedures to identify corrective actions whenever defects occur, which leads to a decrease in defect rates.
  • The result of fewer nonconforming products is less rework and rejected products, as well as a decrease in the cost of production.
  • Documented procedures make learning easier for new employees – the procedures eliminate “guesswork” with structured documentation.
  • Companies registered to aerospace standards experience access to new markets, since the markets serving aerospace favor companies who have chosen to become registered.
  • Like ISO 9001, companies who are registered to aerospace standards have increased customer satisfaction.
  • Aerospace standards contribute to the atmosphere of cooperation in the industry through the sharing of “best practices” throughout the industry.
  • Companies that register to aerospace standards demonstrate a commitment to deliver quality products and services to their customers, which benefits the entire aerospace community.

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