Steps to Certification

Aerospace Standards – Steps to Certification

  • Once a client completes an ISO application in RMS, a Sales Specialist will review the application and issue a quote. The client then reviews and accepts a three-year quotation so the Scheduling staff can schedule the initial assessment.
  • An auditor will then be assigned, taking into consideration factors such as geographic location, industry knowkedge, and scope experience.
  • All Registrar clients are assigned an Account Specialist. Your personal Account Specialist will contact you within a week of your acceptance. The Account Specialist will assist you with audit coordination throughout the certification process.
  • Prior to the start of the audit, the client will receive instructions for registering their company in the OASIS database. The client must complete this registration before the start of the audit.
  • Thirty days prior to the audit, the client is notified that a copy of the audit plan will be available for the client in RMS and OASIS. The audit is performed in accordance to the audit plan.
  • Upon completion of the audit, the auditor generates an audit report identifying any non-conformances (NCR) to the standard. The report and NCRs are entered into OASIS. The client works with the auditor to resolve any NCRs using OASIS.
  • The audit documentation is then reviewed by a third party expert for approval (Initial and Recertification audits only).
  • Once the expert approves the closure of the NCRs, the certificate of registration is issued and the new certificate is sent to the client.

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