Customized Audit Solutions (2nd Party)

Customized Audit Solutions (2nd Party)

Performance Review Institute Registrar provides customized audit services for organizations who wish to improve performance and/or manage risk by partnering with a professional firm that specializes in auditing business process and policies in the areas of Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety other business practices.  The audit focus could be one dimensional, such as quality, or it can be a combination of multiple business disciplines depending on scope of the audit.

PRI Registrar collaborates with our clients to establish audit criteria that covers the scope of the audit, examples of objective evidence to demonstrate conformance, define audit protocols, and expected out puts.

Why PRI?

  • Do you need a better process to select new suppliers? PRI Registrar can help evaluate and score your potential suppliers in the key areas such as quality and production capability.
  • Would you like to see improvement within your supply chain or your company’s own locations? PRI Registrar will help drive performance improvement in the areas in scope of the audit.
  • Has your trade association identified a process or business risk or improvement opportunity that could be addressed through the services of an audit partner? PRI Registrar can provide a customized audit solution to determine conformance to industry-wide requirement.
  • Are you allocating too much internal resources on auditing individual areas such as quality, environmental, health & safety? PRI Registrar can bundle your audit various audits into a single audit that includes multiple disciplines.
  • Do you need to supplement your own internal or supplier audit team? PRI Registrar can work with your audit team to provide additional audit resource when needed.  


  • Improve overall supplier or organizational performance.
  • Save internal personnel and travel cost by leveraging the PRI auditor network
  • Customized audit to meet your specific performance or risk management objectives.
  • Utilize experienced auditors with the ability to audit multiple areas as part of risk or supplier management strategy.   

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