Small Business Certification

Small Business Certification

PRI Registrar specializes in working with growth oriented small medium enterprises (SMEs) to achieve their certification. Since most of our clients are companies of this size, we have developed services and audit processes to meet the needs of SME clients who rely on us for certification service. Some of the key features of our SME services include:

Affordable pricing to enable our clients to achieve certification at a reasonable cost. PRI is a not-for-profit organization, so the profit pressures to pay shareholders or other stakeholders is not the same as many of our competitors.

Sales Engineers who are very familiar in helping our clients optimize their certification process and structure to meet their needs.

A dedicated Client Manager is assigned to each client. Your Client Manager will guide you through the certification process and is always available to provide answers to questions.

The PRI certificate is well known and respected in the industry and provides a positive recognition of your certification accomplishment.

PRI provides Promotion Kit to help promote your certification to current and potential stakeholders. Many SME do not have marketing departments and access to external resources who can help promote their accomplishment, so PRI has developed a promotional tool kit any company can use to quickly and easily promote their certification. Some of the items in the kit include: a sample press release, use of logos and certificates guidance, how to use your web site to promote your certification, and other valuable information.

Technical support from our technical team to support client technical questions, changes to standards, and other related technical needs.